DICE has unveiled the full list of multiplayer modes available in Battlefield 3 on console and PC.

There are five modes in total, all available on each of the nine maps that will ship with the game.

Battlefield’s signature Conquest mode will be for 24 players on console and 32 or 64 players on PC. In the mode, two teams of players attempt to capture and hold a number of flags on the map. All vehicles will be available.

Rush returns from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In Rush, a team of defenders attempt to stop attackers from destroying M-Comm stations. As the stations are destroyed, the defenders retreat down the map. Unlike Bad Company 2, M-Comm stations cannot be destroyed with explosives. An attacker must arm M-Comm stations manually. A defender can then disarm the M-Comm which can stall the detonation timer, but if he or she is killed, the M-Comm will automatically detonate. Rush mode will be for 24 players on console and 32 players on PC. All vehicles are available in Rush.

Squad Rush sees two teams of eight (four per squad) compete for two M-Comm stations. There are no vehicles in Squad Rush.

Battlefield 3 introduces Deathmatches to the series for the first time. Team Deathmatch will see two teams of 12 attempt to reach a kill count before their opposition. There are no vehicles in Team Deathmatch. In Squad Deathmatch four teams of four all compete head to head to reach a kill count. By default an Infantry Fighting Vehicle will be available.

All the conditions in these multiplayer modes can be tweaked. Battlefield 3 is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 26th.