The South-East Asia StarCraft II Invitational begins this weekend with eight of the region’s top players competing for a prize pool of USD$13,000 and the chance to compete at BlizzCon in October.

The tournament will be held over two days, beginning at 3pm NZST on Saturday. The grand final will take place at 9pm NZST on Sunday.

The tournament will be streamed live on Twitch TV.

New Zealand will be represented by nGenJazBas. You can read an interview with JazBas on the SEA page.

SEA/ANZ Invitational - Day 1

Starting 3:00pm NZST, September 17th

All matches will be played consecutively.

Upper Bracket Round 1
nGenMaFia vs. TAdeth
mOOnGLaDe vs. nGenJazBas
nGenLight vs. TARossi
YoonYJ vs. RedArchon World Championship 2012 Shanghai - Day Two

Lower Bracket Round 1
Upper Bracket Round 2

SEA/ANZ Invitational – Day 2

Starting 3:00pm NZST, September 18th

Lower Bracket Round 2
Upper Bracket Round 3
Lower Bracket Round 3

Lower Bracket Finals @ 7:30pm
Grand Finals @ 9:00pm