Blizzard has announced that it will be coupling various StarCraft II multiplayer regions upon the commencement of Season 3.

North America will be linked to Latin America, Europe to Russia, and Korea to Taiwan. There appear to be no plans to link South-East Asia – the default region for New Zealand and Australia – to another region.

However, Australasian StarCraft II players are also able to play on North American servers. Those doing so will also be connected to Latin America.

“Region linking will benefit players in the connected regions in a number of ways,” writes Blizzard on the blog. “First and foremost, a linked community means a larger pool of players to improve our automated matchmaker. Whether you're an elite Grandmaster or a Bronze-league all-star, more players in the mix means that we'll be able to find you a matchup more quickly and more accurately.

“Players will also get access to a broader range of custom map games, which in turn means wider audiences for mapmakers. Those of you who have friends in the linked region will also be able to add them to your friends lists once the region linking is complete.”

Season 3 is scheduled to begin next Monday, the 18th of July. Blizzard says that for the vast majority of players, the linking will be “seamless”:

“Just log in, play, and say hello to all of your new friends (with a sneaky drop in their mineral line).”

More information and an FAQ can be found on the blog.