Blizzard has updated World of Warcraft to 4.1, the Rise of the Zandalari. The patch brings with it two revamped classic instances now for level 85 characters, Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman, that include all-new epic gear, rare mounts, pets and “other treasures.”

The patch also introduces several new features. The Dungeon Finder: Call To Arms offers an additional incentive to underrepresented class roles. The Guild Finder connects players seeking guilds and guildmasters seeking members. Finally, Guild Challeneges have been implemented. These help guilds to fill their coffers, gain additional guild experience and unlock achievements.

As always, the patch comes with a raft of additional fixes that are detailed in full on

On the Rise of the Zandalari, Blizzard writes:

“The days when great troll empires stretched across ancient Kalimdor are long past. Millennia of war and internal strife have stripped these nations of their power, lands, and glory. As Azeroth recovers from the destruction of the Cataclysm, the world's divided troll populations face a bleak future. These dark times have spurred the trolls of the Zandalar, the historically wise and scholarly tribe from which all trolls originated, to take drastic action. They have embarked on a bold crusade to save their race by uniting trolls into a single mighty empire. With the Zandalari's aid, the fallen capitals of the Gurubashi and Amani nations—Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman—are already rebuilding, replenishing their forces for a bloody campaign to expand their territories.

“Yet Vol'jin and his Darkspear trolls are not aligned with the Zandalari. They have sworn to stand with their Horde comrades—and even work with the Alliance—should the trolls ignite a new war on Azeroth. Soon, Vol'jin might be forced to act on his promise, for if the Gurubashi and Amani are left to their own devices, the world will know the legendary strength and savagery of the ancient troll empires once again.”