Blizzard has listed a number of developer-created StarCraft II custom maps, created with the game’s Galaxy Editor.

Aiur Chef takes you to a remote area of Aiur where aspiring Zealots compete for the culinary and killing crown of Executor Chef.

StarJeweled challenges you to match jewels according to colour to gain energy, train troops and crush your enemies’ base.

Team up with a friend to fend of a new strain of the Zerg infestation in Left 2 Die (a co-op take on the singleplayer level “Outbreak.”)

War with the most powerful heroes in the universe in Blizzard All-Stars, a new multiplayer scenario.

The maps were listed on the BlizzCon floor plan, included in swag bags given to all attendees.

We’ll be liveblogging the StarCraft II custom maps panel later today.