UPDATE: Bethesda has been in touch to clarify that this is a case of miscommunication. Instead, John Carmack meant that the development time on DOOM 4 won’t be as long as it has been with RAGE, as the engine it will run on will be complete.

ORIGINAL: id Software’s John Carmack has said that DOOM 4 will ship before RAGE.

Speaking with the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine , Carmack said, “Well we’ve got Doom 4 going on right now below our feet here.

“The Doom team are all sped up and working on this technology base – I’m not really at liberty to discuss much about it, but it’s going full steam ahead right now.

“It shouldn’t take as long to ship as Rage. It’s already in the pipeline and we feel good about it.”

RAGE is due in 2011. id has previously said that we can expect a first look at DOOM 4 this year. Both Carmack and id CEO Todd Hollenshed will be delivering a keynote address at this year’s QuakeCon later today.