For the StarCraft II fans out there disappointed by the absence of Blizzard at E3, relief is at hand. You can now head over to the StarCraft II Dominion site to participate in a new Blizzard artwork competition, which will eventually be judged by StarCraft's Facebook community.

The premise is simple; battles are taking their toll on the war-torn planets of the StarCraft universe. The protoss, terrans, and zerg seek the help of talented artists to drum up support for their war efforts.

The Dominion fights for the perseverance of our way of life; the survival of our species. Citizens like you can bolster humanity’s strength by enlisting in the unwavering forces of the Dominion war machine. Join our ranks by taking the entrance exam. Recruit your friends and family to our cause. Contribute to our propaganda campaign. Earn your place in history!


  • Poster dimensions must be at least 1024 x 768 in resolution
  • File size must not exceed 5MB

Entries close on July 8, and you can examine the official rules page here.

We've also been advised by Blizzard that there's a new StarCraft II TV spot out, which you can view on Blizzard's Starcraft II YouTube channel. The thirty-second spot features voice-overs from two iconic characters in StarCraft II, and is cut from the pre-rendered cinematic sequences found throughout the game.