At a press event in Irvine, California, last week, StarCraft II lead game designer Dustin Browder likened the multiplayer beta to the Wild West and divulged some interesting match statistics.

Most amusingly, Browder highlighted the statistical differences between Korean gamers and almost everyone else.

In Europe, America and the rest of Asia, Zerg vs. Terran and Zerg vs. Protoss are showing a 1 percent win/loss ratio in favour of Terran and Protoss players. Remarkably, in Protoss vs. Terran matchups, Protoss have had a 5 percent win/loss advantage.

To that end, the Zerg faction appears to be in need of a buff in EU, US and APAC regions. In Korea however, the Zerg are particularly dominant and need to be tuned down.

The most recent patch to the beta, which was in the process of going live as Browder made these remarks, sought to address some of these issues by recording and updating player statistics more frequently, therefore improving the matchmaking system.

Browder also mentioned that Blizzard is no longer hearing the same volume of negativity about multibuilding selection as they'd heard earlier in the beta.

Finally, he took a moment to reiterate that no new tiers of AI would be added to the beta as its purpose is to record competitive match data.