DICE has discussed and dated their plans for the first downloadable content pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

On the 31st of March, NZT, two existing maps, Arica Harbour and Laguna Presa, will be available in alternate game modes.

Arica Harbour, currently only available in Rush, will be playable in Conquest mode. Laguna Presa, a Conquest map, will be available in Rush mode.

The two redrafted maps will be available for free to all players who have cashed in their VIP voucher included with first-hand purchases.

"VIP members will be able to expand on the deep and ever changing sandbox experience, which in itself provides near endless hours of entertainment, by having new content to keep things fresh.

"It also plays a vital part in making sure you, the players get proper value for the money you've invested in Battlefield: Bad Company 2," writes the game’s executive producer KM Troedsson.

"This is why these map packs are available at no extra cost, contradicting the industry standard and what our direct competitors are doing. Of course, it also helps avoid segmenting the community, making sure everyone can play together having the same maps available.

"There will be future paid downloadable content as well but these packs will focus on expanding other parts of the game experience rather than the selection of maps available for the basic game modes."

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