Valve have today released some more details about the first downloadable content update for Left 4 Dead 2, titled “The Passing.”

“The Passing” will see the new team meet up with original zombie survivors Bill, Zoey, Francis and Louis in a small coastal town in the state of Georgia. The original four will appear as non-playable characters, aiding Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle in the third map of the new campaign.

Valve are also adding a new special infected, called Fallen Survivors, who they describe as people who mistakenly thought they were immune. This new special infected type will occasionally drop items such as ammo and health packs.

The downloadable content is still on schedule for release in March. "About a month later," Valve will introduce a DLC pack for the original Left 4 Dead that will describe how Bill, Francis, Zoey and and Louis came to be in Georgia.

Attached below are ten screenshots.