Codemasters have released the v1.02 update for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, bringing a number of modifications and additions to this tactical FPS title.

You can download this from GP Downloads (245MB), the changelog is as follows;

  • Support added for 2 new PvP game modes included in DLC Pack 2
  • The host is now able to press "Start" button to ready up and begin the 10 second countdown into game irrespective of whether all players are ready or not.
  • Improved multiplayer stability.
  • Online synchronisation has been improved mitigating various issues such as shots fired not being registered and missing animations
  • Improved bullet hit detection on clients
  • Medics no longer become unable to move if the player they are trying to heal attempts to heal themselves at the same time.
  • The corpse looting inventory now appears appropriately when characters are killed