New Zealand-developed ARPG Path of Exile will make its way to Xbox One this year, developer Grinding Gears announced today.

The studio made the announcement via a forum post and a new trailer touting the acclaimed free-to-play title's features.

Like its PC counterpart, the Xbox One version will be free to play, and will include all content up to and including the 3.0.0 expansion at launch.

However, players will be segregated into PC and Xbox gameplay realms, due to "small gameplay differences between the two versions," including targeting systems and the number of Flask slots.

The port is being coded by the same in-house team that developed the game's DirectX 11 version.

Path of Exile, developed in Auckland, was released on PC in 2013 to critical acclaim, garnering major awards from outlets like GameSpot and IGN.

The Xbox One version is set to launch "later this year."