One of Overwatch's most-neglected characters is to see a significant buff in an upcoming update.

The defensive character will gain a second ultimate - which no other character has - as well as buffs to her other abilities.

As an alternative to her existing Teleporter ultimate, Symmetra will be able to build a shield generator that can provide shields to teammates, even ignoring line of sight.

Additionally, Symmetra's Teleporter will gain regenerating health; her shield will be replaced by a mobile Photon Barrier, which moves in a straight line wherever it's aimed; and her sentry turrets will regenerate quicker and have all six turrets available on spawn.

Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan stated that Symmetra in her current form was too "situational," with players either switching away from her or failing to be useful outside specific scenarios.

The revamped Symmetra is now available on the game's Public Test Realm server, and players are already discovering ways of using the in-development abilities to break the game.

Among the kinks to be worked out are the Photon Barrier's tendency to linger until colliding with an object, allowing players to crash the game by firing many shields into the sky; and a glitch wherein the barriers can be used to allow fellow character Reaper to fly.

Symmetra aside, also in the works is a feature called Stay With Group, enabling teams of strangers to stick together from match to match, regardless of their friend status.

Stay With Group is aimed towards extending playtime and building new social bonds, and has no projected launch window as of yet.