BioWare this weekend revealed story and gameplay details for Knights of the Eternal Throne, the sixth expansion to its Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.

Continuing the story started in the well-received previous expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire, the narrative focuses on Empress Vaylin, daughter of the now-deceased Emperor Valkorian, who attempts to conquer the galaxy with her father's Eternal Empire.

Players will lead the Alliance against the Eternal Empire in a nine-chapter story with galactic stakes, as is typical for Star Wars.

New gameplay features include Galactic Command, which lets players affect the galaxy's light-dark balance via cooperative battles and combat challeneges; new difficulty levels from Story to Master; and a level cap increase to 70.

As with all The Old Republic content, Knights of the Eternal Throne is driven by BioWare's trademark emphasis on dialogue, choice, and Force-oriented morality alignment.

Knights of the Eternal Throne will release on December 2nd, in celebration of the free-to-play Old Republic's fifth anniversary.