Tencent Games' new console hardware will bring e-sports mainstay League of Legends to a set-top box for the first time - but only in China.

Announced in May, the controller-driven TGP Box runs the software giant's Tencent Games Platform, enabling play of its own titles like LoL, as well as other games like FIFA Online and Call of Duty.

The box operates in a "Big Picture" style mode that allows it to access Tencent's own games store, featuring downloadable and streamable games.

It can also function as a Windows 10 PC, placing it in roughly the same hardware category as a Steam Machine, and will retail at a price of at least US$549.

Tencent's presence in China is not limited to LoL, but includes other games, music distribution, social networks, TV, web services, payment services, and mobile phone services.

It is unknown whether League of Legends will receive an update for controller-based play outside of China.