League of Legends developer Riot Games today announced its plans for the future of LoL eSports, which include revenue-sharing for teams.

The company was criticised recently by former player and current team owner Andy Dinh for changing gameplay elements just before major tournaments, jeopardising players' ability to make a living.

Today's announcement is designed to "create additional revenue streams for players and teams," and adds a range of new eSports initiatives similar to those of competing MOBA Dota 2.

25 percent of revenue from in-game Championship and Challenger skins will be added to to prize pools, while 25 percent of sales from skins based on real-world players and teams will be shared with those players and teams - including revenue from past such skins.

Riot will also expand its range of team-specific microtransaction content, increasing the scale of that new revenue stream.

The studio will also "share LoL revenue streams," create partners with "permanent stakes" in the game, and "restructure and expand [its] approach to media distribution and ad/sponsorship sales," though no specific details were given.

Furthermore, "In 2017 each league will set aside a guaranteed minimum to each of its teams as it determines appropriate based on regional needs."

The full open letter can be read at the LoL eSports website.