Path of Exile's biggest expansion yet is available to download now.

Atlas of Worlds is the fifth expansion to the action RPG, and offers a completely revamped end-game system.

Players can now explore through different worlds and levels using the titular Atlas of Worlds. The ability to upgrade and modify various maps will also be available, offering a new experience with each playthrough.

Additionally, players will be treated to new areas, boss fights, item types, and a new Challenge League called 'Essence'.

As with all previous expansions, Atlas of Worlds is completely free, and is available for download here.

Made by kiwi developer Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile hosts a player base of more than 14 million.

The game has boasted a 'free to play, but never pay to win' strategy since launch, supporting development costs through the sale of supporter packs which offer cosmetic rewards.

New supporter packs will launch alongside Atlas of Worlds, and will feature the four exclusive armour sets worn by the Guardians of the Void. The packs will also include weapon effects, forum titles, portrait frames, T-shirts, and more.