Voting has opened for the Overwatch World Cup, allowing fans to choose the representatives for their country's team.

Polls opened August 11, and will be available to those with an Overwatch game license.

A total of four players can be selected to represent a specific region, which will be determined by a voter's account region and country.

Eligible voters can check the list of ranked players and their character preferences through Ranked players have been nominated based on a variety of factors, including skill, in-game performance, and community standing.

Full teams will be revealed on August 29.

Vote now to decide the NZ Overwatch World Cup team
The full list of countries and regions competing in the Overwatch World Cup.

Countries marked with a * will be advancing to the competition at Blizzcon automatically.

"In keeping with Overwatch’s global theme, we wanted to create a fun and spirited worldwide competition that gives players an opportunity to compete and cheer for a local team," said Blizzard.

National teams from every continent will be organised into groups and battle in a best-of-three online qualifier. Four teams from the Americas, six from Europe, and six from the Asia-Pacific region that qualify will then compete at Blizzcon.

The tournament is being promoted as an international exhibition, and will not be offering a prize pool. However, the top 16 teams competing at Blizzcon will receive an appearance bonus, and a free trip to the convention.

Matches held during Opening Week and at Blizzcon will be streamed live, however details on this are still to be confirmed.