The League of Legends Oceanic Pro League is pitting its biggest rivals against each other in the grand final.

The Chiefs will face off against Legacy in was is set to be "the biggest e-sports event to ever hit Brisbane", according to the e-sports league.

The Oceanic Pro League (OPL) grand finals will take place at the Courier-Mail Piazza in Brisbane on August 13.

Tickets have sold out for the final, but Hoyts Sylvia Park in Auckland will be hosting a viewing party in association with the University of Auckland's LoL Club.

Legacy, which has been hungry for another title since its fifth game victory over The Chiefs in 2014, is in peak form after sailing through the semi finals, and is ready to make up for its narrow loss to The Chiefs last split.

The Chiefs, which has won the previous three splits, also managed to show why its is one of the best, not dropping a single game in its best-of-five semi final, even after trading its star player Raydere.

The OPL is the professional e-sports league for League of Legends in Oceania. It has featured the top eight e-sports teams in the region since 2015.