Cheaters never prosper, but they sure can be a pain in the ass.

In the wake of bans issued by Blizzard to Overwatch cheaters, a group of hackers has initiated a DDoS attack on the company's servers.

Blizzard rolled out a wave of bans for Overwatch cheaters yesterday, targeting players that used 'triggerbots' and 'aimbots' within the popular shooter.

The resulting outrage resulted in some cheaters lamenting the losses of their accounts, some suggesting a lawsuit (despite their clear breach of EULA), and others attempted to contact hackers to take down Blizzard's servers.

All of this came across as the tantrums of a reprimanded child, until Blizzard started reporting server issues.

Hacking group PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility.

Blizzard currently has network engineers addressing the issue, with the hopes of resolving the attack "as quickly as possible". Further updates will be provided in an Overwatch thread dedicated to the attack.

The attack comes just hours after Overwatch's Summer Games content went live. The content will run in conjunction with the 2016 Rio Olympics over the next three weeks, and will offer more than 100 new cosmetic items and a new game mode called 'Lúcioball'.