German television station ProSieben MAXX has cancelled a planned Counter-Strike: Global Offensive broadcast after a shooting in Munich.

ProSieben was originally set to screen the semifinals and finals of the Counter-Strike ELeague competition, which was to feature teams from around Europe.

But after nine people were shot dead in Munich on 22 July by 18-year-old Ali David Sonboly, who was noted by media to have played Counter-Strike regularly, ProSieben yanked the coverage.

CEO of ELeague promoter Freaks 4U Matthias Remmert said he believed it "sad that such an event takes away the chance to show every non-eSports fan how awesome this sport can be".

German politicians were swift to classify Counter-Strike as a potential cause of Sonboly's violence.

State crime office president Robert Heimberger said the game was "played by nearly every known rampage killer," while interior minister Thomas de Maizière said that "we cannot ignore [...] that the glorifying of violence in internet games has a damaging effect on the development of young people."

Since the cancellation, ProSieben MAXX has received much critical feedback, with some believing the station tacitly backed up Heimberger's and de Maizière's comments with its decision.