Battleborn could very well be adopting a free-to-play model, according to analytics firm Superdata.

In a report discussing the most digitally profitable games worldwide in June, Superdata compared Battleborn to Evolve, another title that launched well but diminished soon after.

Evolve has since seen a influx of players after going free-to-play.

The report comes in the wake of Battleborn dropping its price, while Gearbox Studios is developing additional DLC to bolster the game's content.

"One title that is well-positioned to follow Evolve example is Take-Two's other recent shooter Battleborn, which has been struggling in the presence of Activision Blizzard's breakout hit Overwatch," said Superdata.

"We anticipate the publisher to announce a free-to-play makeover for Battleborn in the coming months."

Evolve shot into Steam's top 20 rankings in the wake of its new business model. However, despite the increase in players, Evolve will not see a profit from free-to-play until an implementation of micro-transactions. Gameplanet's Chris Brown is a fan of the game's new F2P strategy.