It would appear the roster for Blizzard's hero shooter is about to get a new addition.

In a tweet from Overwatch's Brazilian account, a new weapon blueprint has been teased, with hints to its owner included in its design.

The blueprints feature a "prototype biotic rifle", as well as design notes from game characters Torbjörn and Mercy. When translated, Mercy's comments note her concerns that although the rifle has been designed with medical purposes in mind, it could potentially be used as a weapon.

Who is Overwatch's incoming hero?

Speculation is already running on all cylinders as players work to decipher who the newest hero will be. The leading theory was a hero called Sombra, thanks to a number of hints found in the game's Dorado map. However, further inspection of the weapon blueprints reveal the name "A. Amari", indicating a link to fabled hero, Ana Amari (pictured above).

The gun's sniper-esque attributes have lent credence to this theory, as the character was a renowned sharpshooter. Her daughter Fareeha Amari is already available as playable character Pharah.

Overwatch has already seen impressive numbers since its launch less than two months ago, with more than 10 million players confirmed by developer Blizzard. The game has also topped League of Legends as the game of choice in Korean cafes.

With popularity of this size, it would come as no surprise that the studio was looking to inject new content into the game on a regular basis.

An announcement from Blizzard should come in the next couple of weeks, as the studio is holding a panel at Comic-Con on July 21 entitled "Behind the Scenes of Overwatch's Newest Hero".