A closed alpha test of DICE's upcoming Battlefield 1 has been data mined, revealing extensive details of what will be included upon the game's release.

A list has been compiled by Reddit user Lobix300 that reveals all 10 multiplayer maps and their names, giving some clue as to their location and configuration. They are MP_Amiens, MP_Chateau, MP_Desert, MP_FaoFortress, MP_Forest, MP_Argonne, MP_ItalianCoast, MP_MountainFort, MP_Scar, and MP_Suez.

Details relating to the single player campaign were also included, stating that it would consist of six episodes, each of which contains multiple chapters. Dialogue subtitles also hint at character names, which include Pritchard, Mcmanus, Finch, Townsend, and Edwards.

Even more information is listed, including 37 weapons, gadgets, dog-tag unlocks, and Battlepack rewards. Specific statistics like 'Horse Killed' and 'Horse Wounded' will be recorded for players.

The leak confirms many claims made by AlmightyDaq in a YouTube video dated March 3, and in doing so adds weight to some of his other assertions.

These include a mode described by AlmightyDaq as pigeon mode, which he said is similar to capture the flag: "The pigeon functions as a flag in a way, which must be held for a certain amount of time before it flies away to your base camp carrying a message. Thus scoring a point."

While DICE is yet to confirm the game mode, the inclusion of birds within a World War 1 setting wouldn't be a stretch. More than 600 pigeons were used by the US alone during their campaign in France during WWI.

Or, as AlmightyDaq has stated, "It sounds pretty ridiculous, but take my word for it. Or don't, and wait until the game has been announced."