Battleborn, Gearbox's first-person entry into the MOBA genre, has seen its Steam player count drop precipitously, just a month into its release.

Console numbers are unknown, but according to SteamDB, Battleborn has dropped from an all-time peak of 12,101 concurrent Steam-based players (on release day) to, at time of publication, a 24-hour peak of 2,290.

That places it lower than American Truck Simulator, factory-building game Factorio, and the original, years-old Dark Souls and Witcher games.

Battleborn suffering premature Battledeath on PC

Even a transparently desperate and unusually early discount of 40% over Overwatch's release weekend was not enough to buoy numbers.

SteamDB says that approximately 122,000 people own the game on Steam, with a margin of error higher than the current concurrent player count.

Though reviewers (including Gameplanet's Baz MacDonald) found things to like in the shooter's map and character designs, its release proximity and outward similarity to Blizzard's megahyped Overwatch may have doomed it to an early demise.

Gearbox plans to release further content for Battleborn down the line, though its focus will shift onto the next instalment in the Borderlands series.