Beer is useful when it comes to navigating family get-togethers, letting your mates know you love them, and fighting off existential dread.

If you are Blizzard, it also has a place in sound design. As revealed by the game’s Collector’s Edition Source Book, the hit sound in Overwatch is actually a beer being opened.

“Another extremely challenging sounds was the ‘hit-pip’,” writes sound design supervisor Paul Lackey (via Kotaku).

“When you hit someone, you need to know you made contact. The sounds needs to cut through the mix but not feel like it comes from any hero. It went through tons of iteration.

“Finally, one night I thought, ‘It should be satisfying to hit an enemy’. Just thing about what’s satisfying: beer. So I literally opened a beer bottle. Pssht. The sound is reversed and tweaked a little, but that sound is our hit-pip.”

If you found that tidbit interesting, check out Blizzard’s Overwatch sound design presentation from GDC:

In related news, DeviantArt user doctaword has drawn a couple of Overwatch characters as Dark Souls bosses, and the results are pretty awesome. Check out Mercy below, and click through to see Reinhardt.

Overwatch's 'hit-pip' sound is actually a beer being opened