The Creative Assembly attracted the ire of gamers last December, when it announced that Total War: Warhammer’s Chaos Warriors faction would only be available as DLC.

Worse still, the faction – an integral part of the Warhammer universe in the eyes of many – was offered up for free as a pre-order bonus, and on day one as paid DLC.

As a consequence, the trailer announcing the Chaos Warriors attracted almost 50,000 downvotes on YouTube. Fans were clearly angry at The Creative Assembly – in their eyes – cutting the Chaos content from the game so it could be sold for extra cash.

"We had our four main playable races sorted, and we've planned for Chaos to have a big role to play later in the trilogy," said Creative Assembly director Mike Simpson at the time.

"But we really wanted Chaos Warriors in the main game, even without DLC – to give a big, bad end of game 'boss' enemy Race for all players. But we couldn't do that within the resources for the main game. So we added it as the pre-order incentive that also gets sold on day one – making Chaos Warriors fully playable but also giving us the extra resources to add them as an AI race for everyone.

"So is adding Chaos as a pre-order incentive 'cut content'? I think the opposite is true. If we didn't add it to the pre-order, it would have been DLC later on and not in the game at release."

Now, The Creative Assembly has announced that the Chaos faction will be available to anyone who buys the game within its first week on shelves (that means up until June 1 at 6pm).

“The Chaos Warriors have proven to be hugely popular, and by extending the deadline for getting them for free by a week, we can ensure loyal fans who don’t feel like pre-ordering don’t miss out, while still rewarding early adopters whose support is really valuable to us,” said creative director Mike Simpson.

The developer also released a Let’s Play video featuring the titanic Kholek Suneater – one of the Legendary Lords available to play as in the Chaos Warriors Race Pack.