Remedy Entertainment has acknowledged the myriad of issues Quantum Break has on PC, promising fixes for at least some of the bugs.

The PC version has seen many issues since its April 5th launch, when the action game became the "best-selling new franchise or IP" in Microsoft Studios' history.

The biggest issue mentioned in Remedy's to-do list is frame stuttering, which Remedy says is thanks to "a major rounding error introduced into [its] refresh rate predictions on shipping."

General performance issues, including slowdowns in long play sessions, are also on the slate, as is an issue that can cause crashes at launch.

Remedy also says it's working on PC-specific features like the ability to disable V-sync, toggle visual features like film grain, and quit from the main menu (which perplexingly is not there in the current version).

However, the studio says that multi-GPU rendering is not on the cards, as "due to the engine architecture, the work needed to support multiple GPUs would have been significant and out of scope for Remedy."

Quantum Break is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10.