An official Dark Souls board game will soon be seeking cash on Kickstarter.

The cardboard port is in development at Steamforged Games, which is working with Bandai Namco on the project.

The Kickstarter will launch this month.

“As Dark Souls fans, we could not be more excited to be given the honour of developing a board game that embraces everything that makes Dark Souls the deep, compelling game experience that it is,” said Steamforged.

The company successfully crowdfunded board game Guild Ball, a medieval version of football, two years ago.

While Kickstarter seems an odd choice for such a high-profile IP, it allows small companies to do these short run games at a decent price, and removes much of the risk for the licensee (in this case Bandai Namco). Without crowdfunding, it’s unlikely this board game version would exist at all.

Dark Souls isn't the first From Software game to get the tabletop treatment: last month a Bloodborne card game was announced.