Ubisoft reused the world map geometry from Far Cry 4 to produce the map for Far Cry Primal, Gamepressure.com discovered yesterday.

Comparing the world maps from the two games reveals a host of similarities in the overall geographical layout.

A source "familiar with Ubisoft" additionally confirmed to Kotaku that the heightmaps (topographical data) from Far Cry 4 were indeed used as the basis for Primal's map.

Despite the asset reuse, Primal's map appears to have been heavily modified to fit its new setting.

Recycling of assets is a relatively common practice in major video game franchises, due to the expense and difficulty of creating all-new content for regular game releases.

Series like Assassin's Creed, Fallout, and Dark Souls have been accused of it previously, while an earlier Far Cry spinoff Blood Dragon used Far Cry 3's southern island as the basis for its world map as well.

Compare the two images for yourself:

Far Cry Primal recycles Far Cry 4's world map