Id and Bethesda today announced another feature designed to bring Doom into the modern age: Hack Modules.

Functioning similarly to Titanfall's Burn Cards, Hack Modules offer "awareness of [players'] surroundings" that can give an edge in combat, according to executive producer Marty Stratton.

Supply Timer shows respawn timers above pickups; Retribution reveals the location and health of the player who killed you; Scout displays the locations of all players for a few moments after respawn; Vital Signs displays enemy health bars; and Power Seeker shows the location of powerups.

"None of these affect the game's balance by changing how powerful your gun is," says Stratton.

All Hack Modules are on timers, can be earned through gameplay (not microtransactions), and are single use.

Bethesda also announced the game's "frenetic, fast" Warpath mode, a variant on King of the Hill that sees the control point moving in a loop around a map, with a Demon Rune orbiting opposite it.

Doom looks to be shaping up as a curious blend of old-school speed and new-school mechanics, and is out May 13th on new-gen consoles and PC.