XCOM 2's permadeath mechanics are brutal – and thanks to stats released by Firaxis, it's now evident just how brutal.

According to the stat dump, 4.3 million XCOM soldiers had died as of the time of this article's publication.

Curiously, only 23% of those came at the hands of enemies, with 67% dying due to "collateral damage," 2% from friendly fire, and a sad 8% left behind on the battlefield.

Plain old Advent Troopers are the deadliest enemy, causing 47% of trooper deaths, while also being the most-killed enemy, at 11 million, or 20% of a 54.7 million total.

As far as players' prowess goes, they have completed 4.5 million missions, while – in a stat that suggests Firaxis' definition of "victory" may be over-stringent – zero players have successfully completed a full game.

Finally, Firaxis estimates the repair cost of players' combined 1.8 million broken doors and windows at over $1 billion.

XCOM 2 is available now, only on PC.