The first DLC game of 2016 for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will add a Thieves Guild to the MMO.

The DLC will add the Thieves Guild, a new zone called Hew’s Bane that is available to characters of all levels, hours of new story content and quests, a new 12-player trial called Maw of Lorkhaj, new group bosses and delves to conquer, new criminal activities, a new passive skill line exclusive to members of the Thieves Guild, and more.

A release date and price is yet to be announced.

As per Bethesda:

The Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing, an organization of pickpockets, burglars, robbers, and thieves, is being hunted by a mercenary guard force known as the Iron Wheel.

This relentless organization will stop at nothing to see the guild brought to justice for a high-stakes heist that went horribly wrong. As their newest recruit, you'll sneak along rooftops, steal from the shadows, and recover lost treasures to help to restore the guild's reputation.

The Thieves Guild DLC will be accompanied by a base game patch, which will contain:

A 64-bit client for PC and Mac
Improvements to grouping including incentives and cross-alliance grouping outside of the Grouping Tool
Tons of combat and gameplay balance changes
Scrolling combat text (SCT)
Improvements and updates to Cyrodiil and its campaigns
Access to content from other alliances in any order you choose upon reaching Veteran Rank 1
Prioritisation of animations during combat
Improved facial animations for Mac

“This is only the beginning, and we’ve only scratched the surface of the Thieves Guild,” said Bethesda.

“Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking you on a journey through Hew’s Bane to explain these new features in more detail.”