The beta for shared-world shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division kicks off this month, Ubisoft has announced.

The beta will run from January 28-31 on Xbox One, and from January 29-31 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

You can guarantee yourself a spot in the beta by pre-ordering the game, or you can sign up to the waiting list.

A press preview for the game took place last week. At the event, creative director Magnus Jansen told Eurogamer that the game wouldn’t contain microtransactions, but that costumes would be available for purchase as DLC. Okay.

Magnus also told Examiner that The Division will only take place in a single borough of New York – Midtown Manhattan.

Prior footage of the game showed the borough of Brooklyn, so perhaps expect that and possibly other areas to appear sometime as expansions.

“It is because of the 1 to 1 re-creation and the way the pandemic has [happened],” said Jansen.

“Basically, everything has been hit and there are no more resources because everyone tried to get out. There is no more gasoline in the cars, there is no traffic, you're on foot.

"With the level of detail we have, doing Midtown Manhattan is a huge open-world experience and more than enough to sink your teeth into. It is a very sizable open-world game."

Jansen also assured journalists at the event that The Division is “an excellent single-player game, should you choose to play it that way”.

“It’s very different,” associate creative director Julian Gerighty later told Venturebeat.

“I’m more of a single-player kind of guy, too, so the [role-playing game] systems, the storytelling, the flow, the structure of the game has to make sense.”

“But what I found is that when I’m playing with other people, what we can do is specialise [our skills] much more. … Whereas if you’re playing by yourself, you’re going to have to switch up those roles. They’re both great experiences. They’re just very different.”

The game’s story involves three main narrative threads – medical, tech, and security – and completing missions from each allows you to upgrade that wing of your base of operations.

Finally, here’s some gameplay footage from the event from various publications: