The actor who played Grand Theft Auto V character Franklin has posted a photo of himself in a mo-cap suit to Instagram, causing many to speculate that a story expansion is in the works for the popular open-world title.

Shawn Fonteno, who was Franklin's likeness and voice in the acclaimed open world title, offered no explanation for the pic.

It’s worth noting that he posts pics of Franklin reasonably frequently, but rarely posts pictures of himself. Of course, it could be an old photo.

LOL ......

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Rockstar originally said it was working on "some very exciting" story additions for GTA V that would launch before the end of 2014, but nothing materialised, and the developer’s focus appeared to shift to GTA Online.

"Right now our focus is on GTA Online which has exceeded our expectations," said Rockstar North design director Imran Sarwar last September.

"We currently have all key members of the team that launched Grand Theft Auto V focused on supporting GTA Online in every capacity".

GTA Online was Take-Two’s largest source of profit during its last financial quarter.

In related news, Rockstar has confirmed that Rockstar North studio head Leslie Benzies has left the studio he joined all the way back in 1998.

It seems he was enjoying his down-time a little much, as he has been on sabbatical for the past 17 months.

“We can confirm that Leslie Benzies went on sabbatical on September 1, 2014 and has decided not to return to work for the company,” Rockstar told Kotaku.

“We are very grateful for Leslie’s contributions to Rockstar over the last 15 years as we worked together to make some amazing games.

“Leslie helped us build an incredible team that will continue to create great experiences for our fans. Leslie will always be a friend to the company and of course we are going to miss him but we wish him the absolute best for the future.”

In 2014, Benzies was inducted into the Academy of Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame, alongside Rockstar co-founders Sam and Dan Houser.