Microsoft and Mojang have teamed up with non-profit computer science organisation to teach coding with Minecraft.

The three have created a coding tutorial using a 2D approximation of Minecraft, where players must assemble blocks of code to accomplish in-game tasks.

It is designed to teach students six and over the basics of coding, using a visual interface similar to various block-based game creation tools.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the project aims to "[equip] youth with computational thinking and problem-solving skills to succeed in an increasingly digital world."

Meanwhile, the CEO of Hadi Partovi says "this year’s Minecraft tutorial will empower millions of learners around the world to explore how a game they love actually works and will inspire them to impact the world by creating their own technology or apps."

The project was created for the Hour of Code campaign, which will encompass thousands of events in schools around the world from December 7-13.

It can be found at]the website.