Spoilers for Human Revolution within.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution featured an “ending vending machine” because time ran out on the production, says the game’s narrative lead.

For those that aren’t aware or don’t remember, the player chose the ending they wanted in Human Revolution by pressing one of four buttons on a console, effectively negating any of Adam Jensen’s actions up to that point.

“We actually didn’t plan to go with that,” Eidos Montreal’s narrative lead Mary DeMarle told VG24/7.

“Originally we had a plan for the ending of the game where it wasn’t just standing in front of a board and picking one of four – you had to go and do things to make the ending that you want happen, within the level itself.

“But we ended up running out of production time, so it ended up having to get simplified and streamlined into that. So we didn’t plan that, but it did end up happening like that.”

This won’t be the case in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, she added. Instead, the ending a player gets will reflect choices he or she has made throughout the game.