Twelve people have been arrested in Changwon, Korea, after being found to have fixed StarCraft II matches earlier this year, according to statements translated by community site Team Liquid.

Most of the arrests were of financial backers and brokers, some of whom have associations with organised crime and one of whom is a former pro gamer.

The three gaming participants arrested - coach Gerrard and Prime players YoDa and BBoongBBoong - have been banned for life from the Korean eSports Association.

Five professional matches were found to have been fixed in the first half of 2015: four by YoDa and one by BBoongBBoong.

Prime Coach Gerrard has been charged with facilitating the fix, allegedly passing along around US$4,450 to BBoongBBoong for him to throw his match.

Gerrard has also been charged with illegal online gambling to the sum of over US$50,000.

YoDa was allegedly paid over US$25,000 to lose two matches, but was blackmailed into fixing two further games.

The KeSPA issued a statement that "since 2010, [it] has worked alongside the rest of the industry to fight against the illegal betting that has continued to threaten the foundation of eSports."

"It is extremely regrettable that a related incident has occurred again, and we apologise to all of the fans who have shown eSports their love and support."