The Payday 2 PC community is outraged that balance-altering microtransactions have been ushered in with the heist title’s latest update.

The game’s Black Market update lets players pay real-world money to crack open safes and get random loot, including stat-boosting weapon skins.

Skins can be resold or traded among players.

The update has not been well-received, with players venting angrily on the game’s Steam and Reddit pages.

Of particular interest to many of the complainants are the words of Payday 2 producer Almir Listo two years ago.

"The Steam page for Payday 2 has been updated based on your feedback," Listo wrote in May 2013. "We've made it clear that Payday 2 will have no microtransactions whatsoever (shame on you if you thought otherwise!)"

Back in the present day, Payday developer Overkill Software has responded to fan criticism with a short statement:

We've read a lot of your feedback. We're aware that there are those of you who are unhappy or concerned about the Black Market update. Once Crimefest and all its content is out we’ll discuss this with you along with the other new features that were added. While we usually get back to you straight away when you have feedback, right now we’re busy as hell making sure we finish all the content we prepared on time.