League of Legends developer Riot Games has issued a two year tournament ban to Australian e-Sports team Immunity over non-payment of its players.

According to Riot's official ruling, the team has been banned from League of Legends tournaments for failing to provide players with minimum match payments.

The ruling outlines that after receiving payment from Riot for the first split of the 2015 season, Immunity was given 30 days to play their players and 21 days for the second split. Several Team Immunity players lodged complaints to Riot of non-payments within these given periods.

“We will therefore not be allowing the owners or the organisation of Team Immunity to compete in the OPL [Oceanic Pro League] or any official League of Legends tournament for two years," said Riot.

“We will ensure that all players receive the match payments owed to them, and will allow those players to continue playing in OPL as/with a new organisation.”

Riot went on to emphasise that the players themselves had done nothing wrong, and that they intended to work with them to find each a place within the 2016 OPL season.

Although Team Immunity were previously Oceanic Champions, they are currently in 7th out of eight places in the OPL standings, with a record of 4-10.