StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty's final, standalone expansion, Legacy of the Void, will launch November 10, says Blizzard.

The strategy developer made the announcement at the Starcraft World Championship finals this weekend.

Centring on the alien Protoss, the expansion completes the triptych of faction-specific stories that started with the main game Wings of Liberty and continued with expansion Heart of the Swarm.

It brings with it new units for all three in-game factions, and a new campaign focused on uniting all the Protoss tribes against the Zerg.

November 10 is a puzzling release date, given that it is also when Rise of the Tomb Raider and behemoth Fallout 4 drop, but StarCraft II's PC-only status may position it as counter-programming for strategy-minded gamers.

The game's opening cinematic can be viewed below.