Blizzard is set to introduce new player-reporting systems to its popular MOBA Heroes of the Storm.

In addition to its current mechanisms, players will now be able to utilise new reporting options against abusive or otherwise negative players.

Categories for reporting have been updated, and include harassment, spam, hateful speech or usernames, "Feeding" (intentionally giving the opposing team XP), non-participation, and cheating.

For heroes whose mechanics verge on non-participation or feeding, exceptions will be made.

Players reported for harassment or abusive chat will suffer the new "silence" penalty, which bars players from using most chat features.

Silence will last for 24 hours the first time, a period which doubles each successive time the relevant player is found guilty.

A new icon will also identify silenced players in-game.

The new systems will come in Heroes of the Storm's (undated) next patch.