First-person multiplayer shooter and giant mech suit sim Titanfall is going free-to-play in Asian territories.

The new version of the game will be developed by Nexon Korea Corporation in conjunction with EA and Respawn Entertainment.

Joining the likes of Halo and Call of Duty's F2P counterparts, this version of Titanfall will be PC-only, aimed at internet cafes, and will be available in China, Japan, Korea, Macau, and a few parts of Southeast Asia.

A free-to-play model could breathe new life into Titanfall, which - like several multiplayer shooters lately - arrived, received critical praise, and saw its servers depopulated depressingly quickly.

Having played the PC and Xbox One exclusive, it's easy to see how a F2P model could be applied, given its gear loadout and single-use Burn Card mechanics.

No dates have been given, but Asian players can surely stand by for Titanfall soon.