Two professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players say Adderall use is rife at tournaments.

Kory Friesen and Mohan Govindasamy were chatting in a video for the latter’s YouTube channel when Friesen broached the subject.

“The ESL comms were kinda funny in my opinion. I don't even care – we were all on Adderall,” he admitted.

“I don't even give a fuck, like its pretty obvious if you listen to the comms, I don't know people can hate it or whatever.”

Govindasamy then pitched in: “Everyone does Adderall at ESEA LAN right?"

“Yeah,” Friesen replied. “Just throwing that out there for the fans – that's how you get good. And you can hear it in the comms right? That's what was so funny to me. Like, 'Shit, comms so hectic!' That might clear up some of the questions of why it was like that.”

Adderall is prescribed to sufferers of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy but is thought to give increased focus when used by people without those disorders.

The ESL [Electronic Sports League] forbids the use of "any drugs, alcohol, or other performance enhancers".

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