Bethesda and Id are bringing custom multiplayer modes and more to Doom via a new online portal called

In keeping with the long-held tradition of custom Doom content, Doom (the confusing official title of Doom 4) will feature a tool called SnapMap that allows players to create their own maps, game modes, and even game mechanics, using an intuitive click-and-drag interface.

Players will share their content on a new online portal called, also set to offer content like forums, videos, and more. joins the ranks of publisher-driven game services like Blizzard's, Ubisoft's Uplay, EA's Origin and more. It's a big step that will make Bethesda's ambitious plans for Doom (and likely other games) possible, but may irritate players already thighs-deep in game-specific online logins.

More is sure to come over the week as the E3 marketing machine whirs into gear.