The latest free update for Evolve adds an arena mode to the game.

The new mode places five fixed domes on each of the game’s 14 maps for a total of 70 locked-down venues, within which the hunters and monster duke it out in best-of-three battles.

After each fight, both sides are transported to the another dome on the same map for round two, and the cycle repeats.

All hunters and the monster begin each match with one perk, but monsters start at stage 2 with 50 percent armour. The monster can also feed on wildlife in battle to regain armour and even evolve to Stage 3, although the size of the arenas makes this a tough task.

There is no dropship timer, so once a hunter dies in battle they have to sit it out until the next fight.

In addition, players can’t change their character or perk selection between rounds, but monster players can change their abilities.

Arena Mode will be available on all platforms today.

Evolve's Arena Mode is a cage match extravaganza