Australia's love affair with mining is well documented, so it may come as no surprise that its government is very eager to address some scientific inaccuracies that may have made their way into the public's consciousness via Microsoft's Minecraft.

Seemingly concerned that a new generation of young Australians may actually attempt to make armour out of diamonds, Geoscience Australia has released a public service announcement to set the record straight.

"Cobblestones do not form from water and flowing lava", cleared up the Australian government. And don't attempt to create a stone by putting cobblestones in a furnace, as "it would, in fact, achieve nothing but a very warm rock."

Obsidian doesn't actually burn, and it's not "resistant" to TNT, patiently explained the government. And don't even think about using redstone to conduct electricity, there are no stones that can do that.

Gold would in fact make for a truly lousy pickaxe, and don't even begin to consider it for armour - you'd be just as well protected if you wore a suit of fingernail clippings, which are approximately just as soft.

The perennially popular Minecraft was released by indie studio Mojang in 2009. Microsoft acquired Mojang and Minecraft for US$2.5 billion in September 2014.