Tired of being labelled a "fake indie", Valiant Hearts director Yoan Fanise has announced his departure from Ubisoft after 14 years with the publisher.

Fanise began working at Ubisoft in 2001. His first project was Beyond Good & Evil. Fanise said he'd hoped to recapture that early indie spirit when working on Valiant Hearts after becoming disillusioned with AAA development while working on titles such as Assassin's Creed III.

"Beyond Good & Evil was a 30+ team production with a unique, creative mood that Michel Ancel is able to bring. The more we grew, the more this mood diminished. 100, 250, 500 people...it was necessary due to the technical evolution and AAA requirements, but on the creative and human side something was missing," Fanise told [url=http://gamasutra.com/view/news/238434/Too_Many_Cooks_Valiant_Hearts_director_departs_Ubisoft.php#.VQHRw8zuvcc.twitter]Gamasutra[url].

"I mean the industrial scale and organization of a giant project like Assassin's Creed removes some direct connection between people from different job categories, for example. Your interactions are limited, and it is really difficult to have a global vision of the finished game. But at that scale, it would be very hard to make it different."

Fanise said that after he had been disparaged as a "fake indie" for working on a small indie-like project at Ubisoft, he felt he might as well go indie anyway.

Fanise has not announced any plans for the future. "There are a lot of really interesting opportunities, and I'm still taking time to find the one that is most exciting," he said.