The long-awaited Justice and Champion systems have been added to The Elder Scrolls Online.

The two systems have arrvived as part of Update 6, which also squashes some bugs.

With the Justice System, you can now become a wanted criminal, sneaking, stealing, and even murdering your way through the world. However, guards can and will seek to punish you if your crimes are witnessed.

By contrast, the Champion System gives players with Veteran characters a new way to gain power. Once you have a Veteran Rank character on your account, you'll start earning Champion Points, which you can invest in a variety of new passive abilities.

Update 6 also overhauls provisioning, so there are new recipes and much more inventory space available to players.

There's also a new way to keep track of your mounts, pets, and costumes: the Collections Window. Now there's no need to carry your vanity pets and costumes around, because you can access everything you've earned through the new UI at any time.

Finally, Update 6 uashers in some gameplay changes that affect combat and class abilities. You can read all the patch notes here.