Turtle Rock's four-versus-one monster hunt, Evolve, will soon be updated with an Observer mode.

The new mode will allow one player to watch the match from multiple perspectives, add audio commentary and livestream.

Observer mode comes with a new, customisable HUD. "Want to see stuff like the current perks being used and expected survival odds? Done," said Turtle Rock. "Want to overlay the minimap? No problem. Just want to enjoy a cinematic angle? Toggle the whole thing off, kick back and enjoy the view. On top of all this, you can even outline characters, making it easier to see them across the map."

"As we’ve said many times before, we are fully committed to our community – never breaking you apart from your friends based on what content you own, and always looking for ways to hook our players up with things like free community features."

There's no live date for Observer mode yet. Turtle Rock said it's coming soon.